System of Operations

The System of Operations is a singular location to host the technical rules and guidelines that will be used throughout this site. It will be quoted and linked many times in order to ensure easy reference.

Basic Posting Terminology:
Open / Closed RPing styles – In short, an Open RP is one where any person can post as any character involved in the story. A Closed RP is where you may only post as your characters, leaving the reactions and responses of others up to them. Until we get comfortable with each others characters, the majority of our post will be Closed styled.

IC/OOC – IC means “In Character” and OOC means “Out of Character”. While the main part of any post will be IC, it is helpful to denote anything that you need to say “OOC” with this cute little tag.

God Modding – God Modding is the use of knowledge a member would gain about another character through Out of Character means. For example, if in the character bio, there a “secret weapon” listed, but in the actual story the member has not mentioned anything about this weapon; then your character should have no knowledge of this “secret weapon”.

Meta Gaming – Meta Gaming is the unjust use of super powers beyond natural limits. Your character cannot adopt unholy / unnatural / unexplained features such as unbeatable magic/strength. The natural progression of things is the longer you fight, the more tired you are. The more you’re hurt, the less able you are to compete. The more you use magic or spend running about you will soon run out of energy. No one is the perfect unbeatable character. Remember, the more convincing you are, the more engaged and respectful you are of others, the more people will want to RP with you, and also believe in the strengths / powers of your character.

Guidelines for Creating:
When creating something new in Alysia, please use the following templates.

Description – In summary, explain this race.
Appearance – How, in general, does each individual look in this race? Traditional clothing, physical stature, etc…
Culture – What common practices are performed throughout the race?
Kingdom/Territory – What are the boundaries of this races main residence?

Terrain – What is the main landscape/s of the region?
Location – Exactly where in Alysia is this Region?
People – What are the main Kingdoms/Territories in this Region?

Location – Please explain the environment of the Arena.
Terrain – What sort of things are around that the competitors will be interacting with in combat?
Dimensions – How much room do competitors have?