The Rävnin, the fox people of Alysia, were originally believed to be like the Lutrans, an intelligent being evolved from a lesser animal. After more research into thee culture of the Rävnin, the developing theory changed. The second thought was that they had digressed from common elves into a more basic being. Perhaps in their pursuit to become ‘One with Nature’, a clan of common elves disguised themselves as foxes, and have never come back. All of this was disproved when the first bold Rävnin spoke to a researcher. The Fox people of Alysia did not evolve, nor regress from anything; they simply are. This brave Rävnin did admit that his den in particular looked upon the elves as a sort of inspiration, but that each den was different. Mainly they only shared physical looks. Much like the many cities of  Man.

As one might expect from the beings labeled the Fox people of Alysia, the Rävnin are like the the Lutrans in that they are more fox like than they are human. They are walking, talking foxes that wear clothes , carry weapons, and build lives for themselves. They have tails, sometimes up to 3, bushy ears, and paws; though they have developed thumbs for gripping.

Most dens of Rävnin have taken inspiration from the common elves when it comes to life style and culture. They quickly found that the have magical, mystical powers similar to the Gaulden elves, and that the clothing and lifestyle of the Common elves fit them better.