The Lutran, or Otter People, are intelligent, resourceful, and proportionately the strongest beings on Alysia. They evolved from the Great Sea Otters of the Deep Sea similar to how the humans evolved from prime apes (in theory).

Unlike Humans, the Lutran have not evolved away from the appearance of their ancestors. Several key differences are the overall size of a Lutran compared to an Otter. A Lutran standing is roughly as tall as the common sea otter from nose to tip of tail. They average around 4 to 4-1/2 feet with a tail between 2-12 to 3 feet. The only other physical difference between a Lutran and an Otter are the eyes. The common sea otter has small, beady eyes designed to be equally effective underwater as on land. The Lutran have begun developing larger eyes which increases their vision to par with the average human. Though, compared to human eyes, the Lutrans would still be considered small and beady.

Lutrans have also developed the same brain capacity as humans. While being wiser than the common otter, Lutrans have not completely shed their natural instincts and may frequently act in manners similar to an otter. They have even evolved the basic communication skills of their ancestors into a full fledged language. Mostly it consist of short and simple words keeping sentence structure to a minimum, but a Lutrans body language will set the tone for each statement it makes. The tail in fact is one of the main uses of body language. A short statement with the tail straight up could mean one thing, while the same statement with the tail slightly cocked to one side or curled in front of the lutran could mean another thing. To this day, Lutrans are still the only ones who understand their language. This feature of the Lutrans language is often a hindrance when one attempts to learn the common language and its many vocal inflections. For example, sarcasm is something most Lutrans love, but can never really express.

Simple and curious by nature, and coming from ancestors with no natural predator, Lutrans have a harder time grasping the concept of fear as they do money. A traveler once documented a line of satire stating “If curiosity killed the cat, it was the Lutran that showed it the way.” As inquisitive as they are however, it is uncommon for a Lutran to leave its raft and ‘explore the world’. Rather they are raised with a great sense of community and respect for each Lutran in its raft. Visitors are always welcomed with abrupt interrogation, nosy whiskers, often several items missing from their possession, and after a visit their are many reports of finding napping Lutrans in the visitors baggage. The average Lutran raft isn’t rude, violent, nor are they thief’s, simply curious.