Alysia World

Hello and welcome to Alysia World.

Before I begin, I would like to explain what the World of Alysia is. In essence, we are all co-writing an amazing, in depth story based from the perspective of the characters that we directly control. We are expressing their actions and reactions to the world around them. Through writing we are giving life to our characters. It is best to think of it in Real Life terms. You can’t be in more than one place at a time can you? Same with your character in Alysia. There is even a Calendar System so that you can time stamp each of your characters activities.

To start, first make a character using the following guidelines. You can have as many characters as you can handle, but they all must start with the following:

-Link to Bios Page-

Now that you have your character made lets start looking at where to post. Typically the best place to start is in the same region that your character originated from, but it is not required. Go through the regions and select where you want to start. If you decide to start in a city,  then find either the front gate or Capital Building where visitors can register for residency.

Every forum is composed of two types of threads. Location threads are buildings or structures that see the passing of many different people. Story threads pertain to events that include only a small group of people involved; like a quest into the mountains.

When making your own story thread, or posting in a location, don’t forget to time stamp your post in order to keep track of your character and his or hers experiences. Also, don’t forget to frequently update your characters Bio with items or abilities your character gains.

Enjoy the site, and please post all questions comments or concerns here.